All ‘standard JAKART’ prints are stamped on the back with the ‘JAK’ logo and signed  by the artist James Arden.


On certain occasions a ‘JAKART’ piece of unique art will be offered with a limited print run, stamped on the back with the ‘JAK’ logo and signed  by the artist James Arden – but also dated and verification of it’s print number on the print run.


To qualify as an original the ‘JAKART’ unique work of art is printed using the Giclée Printing Process (see below) at the size the client requires on paper or canvas and is signed by the artist James Arden on the front of the artwork – this is the ONLY copy of a particular JAKART’ original artwork that will be signed on the front. Supplied with certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by James Arden.


Digital-Original – photography or digital paintings do not exist in a physical form. They are code. Pixels of coloured light. Only when the pixel information is forwarded to a printer and printed on paper or canvas does the work of art exist as a physical form. This is the only original the artist will sign on the front.

Limited edition print – a digital-artist, photographer or digital-painter can choose to assign a limit to the print production of the digital-original artwork, this adds to the value of the artwork by making them uncommon and collectable.

Giclée Printing Process (pronounced gee’clay) a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works. A high quality image print with at least 300 DPI “dots per inch,” the more dots of colour, the finer the details in the final image. Epson K3 Ultrachrome or similar archival inks, along with acid free substrates, will last over 100 years. If the artwork is hung where there is no direct sunlight, it can last even longer.